Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Egg and I

To celebrate our extended Memorial Day weekend (we took today off as well), my husband and I went somewhere new for breakfast today: The Egg and I in Frisco, which just opened this month.

The restaurant is larger than it looks from the outside. Being in a strip mall, the storefront isn't wide, but the space is deep and even has an available private dining room to accommodate group or club meetings. I guess I'd call the d├ęcor "country", though it's not quite clear to me what country it is. There are pictures of the Tuscan countryside mixed with new/old signs for food in English, plus some decorative tins, chickens, wrought iron and cheerful wall colors that remind me of rural kitchens from in both Europe and America.

Being a weekday and a workday for most, they weren't very busy when we walked in at 9am, but there was a steady stream of people coming and going. Apparently it is already a popular to-go breakfast place for the local healthcare workers, because I saw several women dressed in scrubs drop in at various times to order their breakfast and carry it away in Styrofoam containers within bags emblazoned with The Egg and I logo.

We were seated promptly and our waiter came to greet us after we'd had a moment to look at the menu--long enough to notice that they have several different types of coffee available. We opted for their signature blend, which was brought to us in a small insulated coffee pot that was left on the table so that we could refresh our cups at-will (a plus in my book). I would call the coffee a good "breakfast blend" and it was (we noticed later) well caffeinated.

The extensive breakfast menu contains many standards but plenty of variations--different benedicts, scrambles, omelets, skillets and hashes, Tex-Mex, pancakes and French toasts. I also like that they had a decent "Smarter Choices" section for those who want low-fat options (though it would have been nice if they posted calorie counts). After much inner debate, I opted for the Huevos Rancheros with salsa (pork green chili is the alternative sauce), while my husband got the Wisconsin Scramble. We were impressed to see that one of the toast options with the scramble was sourdough, an elusive bread in Texas and something transplanted San Francisco Bay Area natives crave, so my husband ordered it and we hoped it passed his test for "real sourdough bread".

Our portions were generous and well prepared. The layers of my Huevos Rancheros were a flour tortilla, refried beans, cheese, eggs (I asked for scrambled), salsa and a dollop of sour cream. I think they were a little too generous with the salsa on my Huevos Rancheros, but it had just the right amount of kick and my meal was very tasty. "Ranch Potatoes" came on the side of both our meals, which appeared to be simply seasoned with salt and parsley. The sourdough toast got an "eh" from my husband--not quite San Francisco sourdough, but it was sourdough non-the-less.

The wait staff at The Egg and I was very attentive and well trained. They seemed a bit overstaffed today, but they might not have known what to expect during the holiday week, and they were probably still training new hires. No complaints here--better to have plenty of staff than not enough, and I'm sure they'll strike the right balance once they know what kind of traffic to expect.

With tax and tip, breakfast cost us just under $27, which is on-par with other restaurants in the area. Based on our first experience, we'll definitely add "The Egg and I" to our list of weekend breakfast options.

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  1. There is "something" in the air in San Francisco that is required to produce real sourdough flavor. Evidently it cannot be captured. Nice of them to try.