Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trendy Tex-Mex at Blue Goose

My husband and I just got back from the Blue Goose Cantina in Frisco, off the DNT. It's been open in that location for a while now, but given the broad availability of Tex-Mex food in our area, we hadn't been inspired to visit until tonight. We wanted to go somewhere new to eat that didn't require dressing up, so I searched for restaurants in Frisco in Urbanspoon, and Blue Goose Cantina came up. Since we'd been meaning to try it, I suggested it for dinner tonight

The place is definitely going for typical Tex-Mex in terms of cuisine, but with offbeat offerings in terms of beverages. When I saw "Marg-a-tini" in the menu, I had to ask what it was. It's nothing more complex than a margarita prepared like a martini (i.e. mixed with ice, but not served with it), but they offer it with unusual-but-trendy flavors such as blood orange (which I got) and pomegranate (which my husband got). The flavor of mine was a bit more tart than your normal margarita, and it was actually a nice break from the typical "brain freeze" blended margarita that I normally favor.

The chips appeared to be made in-house, and the salsa was on the spicy side. It appears they subscribe to the old restaurant trick of serving salty snacks to make customers drink more, because our chips were generously salted.

We both ordered the Brisket Tacos, which is one of their specialties, and got the "a la charra" beans (which are "charro beans" in any other restaurant) instead of refried. Our order arrived very fast. The tacos were served with fresh chopped onions and cilantro. While I normally prefer sautéed onions on my tacos, the fact that they were chopped small helped keep them from overwhelming the other flavors of the taco. A jalapeno sauce was served on the side (which, from the strength, appeared to be almost 100% jalapenos pureed in a blender), so we could add some kick to the tacos as we liked. The brisket was well cooked and juicy, so no complaints there. The rice and charro beans were, well, rice and beans.

The tortillas used in the tacos were made fresh--if I couldn't tell from the taste and texture, it was given away by the fact that they have a small, open "tortilla kitchen" setup where a lady was preparing the tortillas in the middle of the restaurant. Yep, trendy, but in a good way because the texture and flavor of fresh tortillas does improve a taco.

Believe it or not, one noteworthy thing about Blue Goose was the drinking water. Anyone living in Plano or Frisco will know what I'm talking about here: The tap water here is safe to drink, but it generally tastes a little "off". Well, my guess is that Blue Goose has a filter on their tap, because the water didn't have that "off" taste that we usually get in Frisco restaurants. A plus in my book any day.

Along with their trendy food, offbeat drinks, and open tortilla kitchen, and the atmosphere was aiming for people in their 30s and 40s who would normally go for that vibe. They have a bar with several TVs, each on a different sports channel, and loud music that was playing college hits from the 1990s and 2000s through most of our meal, then shifted to 50s and 60s music at the end. There were many families with small children eating around us, and I think I only saw one older couple the entire time we were there. So if you are looking for a quiet dinner, this isn't the place. If you want a place where no one will notice how loud your party is being, this is it.

The price of the food was average-to-above average (our dinners were $12/each), and the drinks were the same -- for some reason, the marg-a-tinis were priced higher than the margaritas (at $10/each), though the waitress didn't indicate that we were getting any premium tequila with them. So unless their usual margaritas are significantly watered-down, since we were basically paying more for a smaller drink, I suspect we were paying extra for the novelty.

So, my ultimate verdict on the Blue Goose Cantina is that the food was good, the service excellent, and the atmosphere lively. Will it become one of our usual haunts? No. They just didn't distinguish themselves enough from the many other Tex-Mex restaurants around to make me think of it as a place I'd love to go back to. But if one of our friends suggested it, I would go back.

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