Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Dive for Breakfast

No matter where we've lived, my husband and I have maintained a Saturday morning tradition: going out for breakfast. Why not Sunday brunch, like the rest of the world? Well, it's because the rest of the world goes out for Sunday brunch.

A sore subject with us is the lack of good breakfast places in our area, plus the fact that, for some odd reason, most restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10:30am on Saturday. So unless you go somewhere that serves breakfast all day (IHOP or The Original Pancake House), you can't have a leisurely morning.

For a while we were going to the Original Pancake House in Plano, but if we didn't want to have to wait for a table, we had to get there by 8:30. That happens to also be the time that the guy who makes balloon animals in the waiting area arrives, so all the families with small children seem to time their arrival for 9am. So if we decided to sleep in a little, we'd end up having to sit/stand in their overflowing waiting area 20 minutes or more for a table.

We've been to The Dive Bar & Grill in Frisco several times for dinner. It's a nice, semi-casual place with an ecclectic menu and a decent wine list at reasonable prices. Basically it's a place we go to when we want good food but not have to dress up. They used to be owned by the same people who own the 5th Street Patio Cafe, and so they decided to start serving the same breakfast menu at both restaurants. So we tried The Dive for breakfast one day when we felt like having something different.

They serve breakfast/brunch between 9am and 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays only (so they get a gold star for serving breakfast past 10:30 on a Saturday). Although they obviously need to bring in the customers to make money, we like the fact that the restaurant is not overrun with the usual breakfast crowd. We can roll out of bed whenever we like, stroll in and get our usual table and a big mug of their awesome coffee without even asking for it. It's kind of like we've found a secret breakfast club.

The menu is not huge, but it has all the basics and some dishes with a twist. Everything is $8.99 and under, comparable to any other breakfast you'll find in the area, but the flavors go way beyond the conveyor-belt style dishes you get at chain restaurants. The portions are generous, so I can definitely call this a brunch because we are never hungry for lunch after eating there.

Our personal favorite is the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Tacos. They come with a side of potatoes and two salsas (one red, one green). The salsas have just the right amount of "kick" to wake up my taste buds. My other favorite is the Bananas Foster French Toast, which was renamed "Preston Road French Toast" when the new owner purchased the restaurant within the past few months. The rum sauce is so yummy that it is hard for me to keep from picking up the plate and licking it clean at the end.

And did I mention the coffee is awesome?

As I mentioned, there is a new owner, so things have been changed up a bit. The menu for all their meals has been streamlined, and they renamed some items to differentiate themselves from the 5th Street Patio Cafe, which is still owned by the same people as before. But the recipes and quality are still the same. They're also redecorating, with new paintings on the walls and different light fixtures.

They used to be open at 8am for breakfast, but recently changed to 9am because of a low turnout during the 8 o'clock hour. My husband and I didn't realize the hours had changed before we arrived for breakfast at 8:15 this morning (going in a little early because I had a 10am haircut appointment), but the manager was there and he was more than happy to let us in and get the coffee brewing, even though his morning wait staff hadn't arrived yet. The cooks were already there prepping for the day, so he got us our breakfast burritos with no significant delay, serving us himself. Anywhere else, we probably would have been left to freeze out on the patio until the official opening time, so kudos to him for understanding what good customer service is and making sure his regulars keep coming back.

As much as I like our little semi-private breakfast club, I know that they aren't likely to keep serving breakfast if they don't have a steady stream of customers--so I would encourage all my local readers to give The Dive a try for breakfast some weekend. You won't be disappointed.

Update Aug. 10, 2013
Some weeks ago, the manager mentioned above left The Dive for other prospects. Although we are disappointed because he insured that our favorite type of Jazz was always playing on the juke box and kept a reserve supply of Splenda behind the bar for us, the food and service at The Dive remained the same. However, today, when we showed up for breakfast, there was a piece of paper taped to the front door informing us that, from this point forward, The Dive will only serve brunch on Sundays. They open at 11am on Saturdays now. Booooo.

The Egg and I is no officially our new breakfast haunt.

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