Friday, March 22, 2013

Never Order Fish at a Burger Joint

When I'm at the office, I often go out for lunch. I've scoped-out the healthiest offerings at the restaurants near my office, and I try to stick to them in order to maintain my weight. However, once in a while I feel like throwing caution to the wind and indulging in a burger and fries. When that happens, I go to Gazeebo Burgers in Frisco.

I love me some Gazeebo Burgers. The ol' Number 1 lunch special of a 1/3 pound cheeseburger, fries and a drink is my standard (for $7.99). Yes, the 1/3 pounder is the smaller of the burgers they offer (the other being a 1/2 pound). It's topped with American cheese and placed on a REAL hamburger bun. No wimpy buns here. You have to cut this burger in half in order to eat it.

The Gazeebo Burgers staff provides you with a perfectly cooked Angus burger (Kobe is also available, at a premium) and you are in charge of your condiments. They offer the standards like shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions, as well as salsa, two kinds of pickles, mustard and mayo at their condiment bar. Everything is fresh, and you can build your burger exactly the way you want it--so of course it's going to be good every time. The drinks are self-serve (a standard selection of sodas, plus ice tea and water), and you can grab a to-go cup to refill on your way out.

But the fries are half the reason to go to Gazeebo Burgers. These are real cut fries (skin and all) served with seasoned salt. They are yummy in their own right, but they are absolutely To. Die. For. when you dip them in Ranch Dressing (also available at the condiment bar). These are the type of fries that you can get unexpected, sudden cravings for, and nothing will satisfy you until you have them.

I went to Gazeebo Burgers with a couple coworkers today. For the first time, I didn't order my Number 1. One of my coworkers and I decided to be good Catholics and order their Lenten Special fried fish sandwich. Unfortunately, I wish I had been a sinner today. Yes, it was fried codfish, but someone needs to break it to the chef that fish fillets aren't square. It looked like they fried up one of those frozen Gorton's fish fillets and served it on a hamburger bun. The fish was well cooked and the batter had a satisfying crunch, but the fish and batter was basically tasteless. I ordered it with the optional avocado on top, and I was glad I did because this sandwich needed all the help it could get. The tartar sauce on the side was also a major disappointment. Basically, someone dumped a little pickle relish in mayo and called it tartar sauce. I had to add my own mustard to it to even get it close to what a tartar sauce should taste like. My coworker agreed with me on all counts.

I still love me some Gazeebo Burgers. That will never change, and if anyone asks me what the best burger in town is, I'll send them there with explicit instructions to get a side of ranch with their fries. But, from now on, I'm not straying from my tried-and-true Number 1.

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