Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eating Down Yonder

If I didn't have a day job, there are four things I could spend all my waking hours doing: writing, cooking, reading, and watching cooking shows on TV.

I've said I'd like to write the next Great American Novel. The past 20+ years of my life is proof that doing so is easier said than done. Having now abandoned the idea of becoming a female Mark Twain, I've decided that if I'm going to write, I want to do it about something I love and have lots of opinions about. A Blog is Born.

My husband and I have lived in Texas for almost six years now. We came here from California, by way of Oregon. Not the shortest distance between two points, I know, but we're economic refugees. We lived and worked in Silicon Valley since before it was given that nickname, and were both laid off from our jobs just before 9/11. Our job hunts led us to Oregon, and then Texas.

We grew up eating the eclectic food offerings of California, which are arguably the best in the world. Good-quality, fresh vegetables were available to us year-round, and we were surrounded by cuisines from around the world--Japan, China and Mexico being very well represented. My husband has traveled all over the globe for his job. Although I don't have the frequent flier points he has, I consider myself a well-traveled individual as well. We've had some adventurous meals. I've also been watching cooking shows since I was a kid, catching the weekend morning shows on PBS, so I consider myself a well-educated foodie.

None of that prepared us for Texas.

Texas is where the South, Midwest, and Mexico meet. Big steaks and spicy condiments abound, and Texas cooks have proven that just about anything can be deep fried. I gained 5 pounds the minute we stepped foot into the state. Having never struggled with my weight before, the combination of our new Texas lifestyle and Texas food threw my metabolism into chaos. In 5 years, I put on over 20 pounds. Last year, we took the weight back off again "the old fashioned way" with diet and exercise, though with a modern twist: we used the app from to track our calories, exercise and progress. I can't speak highly enough of how useful it was. But I digress....

Through this blog, I'd like to share with my observations on Texas cuisine, wine, recipes, restaurants, and whatever else strikes my foodie fancy. I'll navigate a maze of Texas cuisine and culture, with one eye on my bathroom scale. If you are another Californian living in Texas (and I know there are a lot of you out there), hopefully we can give each other some tips and tricks on learning to "live Texan".

Come back and see me, y'all!


  1. Great place to post some recipes. Looking forward to the good read.... And you should cover the foods tried outside of Texas....:-)

  2. April,

    Nice! Well written, but then you always were a good writer. I'm looking forward to reading more.